Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

PT.Aghaton Mandiri is committed to persistently maintaining the Health, Safety and Environment obligation. Having a solid team player, capacity building and training on Health, Safety and Environment requirement, through meetings, discussion and sharing session; and with a very strong support from our business executives. These commitments are clearly defined in our company’s HSE Policy, and socialized through effective communication system. Through the implementation of integrated project and risk management processes, we enable creation of a successful, meaning a safe, and project delivery for our People, our Clients, the Community and the Environment in which we operate. Our HSE team focuses on the protection of the people who carry out our company’s function. We protect the facility and the environment we worked in, with excellent quality and high standard as expected by our clients. Our strategy is to maximize protection through preventive actions and plan, carefully developed through our regular trainings, tool box meetings, safety briefings, surveys, JSA/HIRAC manuals (Job Safety Analysis/Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Control). These are supported with environmental-friendly machinery and skilled operators. We strive for continuous improvements built through continuous monitoring and regular evaluation for each of our projects activities. With the best team work available, we aim for providing the most effective and sustainable solution in the Oil and Gas business. Appraisals on HSE achievement does not merely rely on the reduced or zero accident rate, but also within the increased awareness, exchange of information and improved knowledge are valuable impacts for improving our company’s HSE performance. Maximized effort in changing and modification of behaviour; in order to shift into increased awareness on day-to-day operation and implementation. In this way we aim to have an excellent HSE performance, to gain the confidence of our customers and the overall society, to be a good neighbour and to contribute to sustainable development. We also develop HSE management system and prepare for the certification process by the upcoming year. To us, there is no better word besides ‘winning a game through safety strategy’