Stucture Maintenace Services

Stucture Maintenance ServicesAll structure in the offshore operation area must be maintained. Steel is the major component for offshore structures, even with many technologies have been developed to protect it from corrosion, painting is still the best way to prolong the steel age. We have to remove salt content, to watch and take fast action when a “wound” is found on the protective coating system. Painting or coating is the first line of corrosion protection method. Re-painting only after years operation is not best way to protect your assets, some company have the wrong notion that painting is for decorative purposes to keep your assets or other structure to look “nice”. The Main method of protecting your facility from corrosion process is to inspect and repair it periodically. In the long run this process will reduce spending budget for steel replacement process. Our  maintenance team are capable to replace minor parts of steel structure, changing instrumentation or mechanical parts. The minor parts replacements step may be taken if the first prosedure is missed. We will study your problem and engineering evaluation to create a solution for the issue at hand, which is possible to change or also engineer a modification to avoid the same problem. Our field engineer, certified welder and riger/ fitter expert will help you in maintaining your facility.